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Heat Treating

One treatment is all it takes! Go Green Pest Control is proud to offer our heat-treating service for bed bugs, roaches, and other applications! Bed bugs and their eggs die immediately when exposed to high temperatures. Chemical applications may take multiple visits where heat is safe for your household and your issue is solved in one day.  Our team has successfully eradicated bed bug infestations from apartments, condos, RV trailers, trailers, rental properties, commercial buildings and all sizes of homes. We are confident your home will be left bed bug free and also offer financing for this service! 

Bed Bug .jpg

How it works:

Go Green Pest Control is able to quote most bed bug infestations over the phone.  Be prepared to answer a few questions about the homes size/structure/condition so we can accurately send you an estimate in a timely fashion. Go Green Pest Control will treat your home at the earliest time available and in some cases the same or next day! Upon an approved estimate, we will provide you with a checklist of what will be needed on your end to ensure a successful treatment. Don't worry, if you are unable to complete our checklist prior to arriving, we will help!

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