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Armadillo Pest Control

Armadillos are slowly marching across the southern east coast. Armadillos can cause damage in your yard by foraging for bugs and insects. Armadillos also like to burrow under your deck, porch, home, shed, or other structures!

An armadillo's digging habits can be extremely destructive, which is why it's important to take control at the first signs of damage. An integrated control plan is best, because layering different products takes care of the problem from all possible angles.

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Are You Being Invaded By Armadillos?

Armadillos wander into your yard in search of food and shelter. Because the majority of an armadillo's food is underground, completely removing attractants is nearly impossible. However there are important steps you can take to make your yard less welcoming:

  • Remove cover like brush, woodpiles, low-lying bushes and shrubs. Armadillos prefer to burrow in areas with ample cover, so by opening up your yard, they'll feel less at home.

  • Clean up any fallen berries or fruit, which may attract armadillos.


Whether they are excavating your lawn for food or burrowing underground for shelter, armadillos are most destructive when they're digging. Identifying areas of damage will help you determine the best control option.

Common armadillo activities include:

  • digging holes throughout lawn, about 3-5" wide and about 1-3" deep

  • uprooting plants and seedlings

  • burrowing next to or underneath structures, sidewalks, brush piles, low-lying shrubs, or other cover

  • damaging underground pipes and/or wires

  • creating cracks in sidewalks, driveways or building foundations as a result of burrowing

How to Deal With Armadillos:

Keep in mind that armadillos are wanderers - as certain armadillos leave your property, others may enter. It's important to maintain an armadillo control plan after you've gotten rid of them - especially in areas of high armadillo density. Go Green Pest Control specializes in the task of humane trapping and exclusion services for Armadillos. 

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