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Fleas Control and Extermination

Fleas Extermination

Fleas are blood-sucking insects that typically live on animals, but can also take up residence in your home in search of their next blood meal. Besides causing discomfort, these pests carry a variety of pathogens that cause disease. A flea infestation in your house is a serious problem that requires immediate attention.

Facts About Fleas

Fleas are reddish-brown in color with flattened, oval-shaped bodies that allow these pests to move comfortably through their hosts' fur. Fleas usually don't grow larger than 1/8 inch. Fleas have six legs. Although they do not have wings, their hind legs are longer and jointed, giving them the ability to jump from host to host in search of their next meal.

Fleas are small, blood-sucking parasites that generally prefer to feed on furred animals but will also feed on humans in a pinch. These small insects can't fly, but their long hind legs make them excellent jumpers. Although there are roughly 2,000 flea species throughout the world, only 325 of those species reside in the United States.

Dealing With Fleas:

Fleas can survive in many different climates, but they prefer dark, humid, and warm areas. Outdoors, they like to settle on shrubbery and tall grass. Once they enter your home, fleas prefer to live in carpentry, upholstered furniture and bedding before latching onto a host to feed.

If you are having issues with Fleas infestation at home, Go Green Pest Control has your back! Call us today and we will take care of your problem!

Fleas Control


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