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Termites Control

Termites Extermination

Termites can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. They can cause significant structural damage to homes, which often goes unnoticed until costly repairs are needed. However, knowing the warning signs of a termite infestation can help you take the right steps toward preventing or mitigating the problem.


Termites are small insects that are usually less than a half-inch in length. These insects live in colonies with their own hierarchies. Termite colonies can vary in size, including just two termites to a few hundred individuals. 

Should you worry
about termites?

Large termite colonies can eat up to a pound of wood in a month. And since these termites remain hidden while attacking a home, by the time signs of an infestation are noticed, you may have severe and expensive termite damage on your hands.

Homeowners should be on the lookout for signs of termites. There are also some preventative measures that you can take to try to prevent termites from coming into your home, including the removal of potential food sources and correction of moisture problems in and around the home.

Dealing With Termite Damage:

Termite damage is distinct, and you'll be able to recognize it by the "waffled" or layered appearance of damaged wood. Termites can damage wooden walls, furniture, and trees on your property. They will hollow these structures out, tunneling through them, leaving holes and empty spaces behind. Keep an eye out for small holes and hollow wood. Similarly, looking for mud tubes in walls, fences, and other wooden structures may be among the telltale signs of termite damage.

If you believe that there are termites damaging your home, Give Go Green Pest Control a call and we will gladly have one of our experts assess the situation you are dealing with:

Termites Control and Extermination


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