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General Bugs

Go Green Pest Control specializes in organic pest control and low dose applications when needed. Our monthly and quarterly services include full de-webbing of the home, rodent control, hot spot applications, foundation spray, and nest removal. You can be sure if you are our customer your home will have limited bug and rodent activity! We pride ourselves in our work and will treat your home and yard as our own.  

Black and Yellow Spider
Bees at Work
Image by Shannon Potter
A lot of cockroaches are sitting on a white wooden shelf.The German cockroach (Blattella g
Image by Егор Камелев

What services do we offer?

Go Green Pest Control offers services for the following bugs:






-Bed Bugs (Heat Treating or Chemical)

-Termites (South Carolina only)

-Natural Mosquito Fogging

-Monthly and Quarterly service plans 

-Stored product pests:

  • Indianmeal moth

  • Sawtoothed grain beetle

  • Red flour beetle

  • Rice weevil

  • Cowpea weevil

  • Warehouse beetle

  • Drugstore beetle

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